Even a year and a half after its launch, VIAC continues to record unchecked growth. In the first quarter of 2019, net new money growth was three times higher than in the same period last year.

With more than 11’000 active clients and CHF 160 million in assets under management, VIAC is one of the fastest growing Fintechs in Switzerland. Even in comparison with the big American and European models, there is no need to hide. This is particularly true for an offer that is currently limited to a purely smartphone-based pension solution for pillar 3a in Switzerland.

Not least because of the pleasing growth, the range is being expanded further. Since mid-May, it has been possible to make provisions with VIAC not only via app, but also on a PC or tablet. This step opens up a new customer segment and lays the foundation for future expansion. The aim is to also offer a vested benefits solution towards the end of the year with which it is intended to specifically expand the circle of potential customers in the area of pension provision. “The assets in vested benefits are significantly greater than in pillar 3a – the many zeros would no longer have room on the smartphone,” says Daniel Peter jokingly about the reasons for launching the web version.

Initially, the idea of a smartphone-based pillar 3a was smiled at by some market participants. It’s easy to understand, since the path starting with an app followed by the web version is still unusual. Daniel Peter, head behind VIAC, answers this question as follows: “We have consciously chosen the opposite path. The size of a smartphone screen is a major challenge in presenting such a complex topic as pension provision in pillar 3a in a simple and understandable way.” Because the content must be reduced to the most important information and it must be possible to operate it conveniently via smartphone, Daniel Peter continued. “Here we consciously took risks, but were convinced that mobile banking would be the future”.

Currently, the VIAC average customer is male, 38 years old and manages CHF 14’000 via the app. Compared to other offers, this amount is at the lower end, although the entry threshold for VIAC, at just one franc, is also 5000 times lower. But VIAC is also popular with older semesters. The “most mature” customer is 69 years old! So it was always the goal of the founding team to dismantle hurdles and create a pension solution for young and old. Very gratifying is that the proportion of female customers has increased in recent months and currently amounts to 23 percent with further upward potential.