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We have the vision of a 3a solution that you can recommend to your best friends with a clear conscience. We are convinced that with this solution, which has been optimized down to the smallest detail, we are showing a way in which our generation can protect itself against the impending problems of old-age provision.

«The idea arose from the need for a simple, understandable and above all efficient pension solution. Private provision will become indispensable in the future and must be accessible to the masses without obstacles.»
Daniel Peter – Initiator VIAC

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Thanks to the cooperation between the established Terzo Pension Foundation as well as the Vested Benefits Foundation of WIR Bank and the young start-up VIAC, you get the best of two worlds: maximum security for your pension assets and modern, personalized implementation. No wishes remain unfulfilled!


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VIAC initiators

Daniel Peter


Daniel (1987) is the brain behind the idea of VIAC. His strengths lie in the conceptual elaboration of the system and its further development, so that customers can constantly enjoy new innovations. In his professional career to date, he has worked for a private bank in Lucerne and a Zurich family office in the area of portfolio management and customer advisory services. Daniel has 9 years of experience in banking.

Christian Mathis


Christian (1986) is one of the three initiators of VIAC, which will help to boost the Swiss pension market. In his position, he is particularly concerned with the development of marketing and customer relations. Prior to founding VIAC, Christian spent four years as a portfolio manager and customer relationship manager at a private bank in Lucerne. Christian has 14 years of experience in banking.

Dr. Jonas Gusset


Jonas (1987) is one of the three driving forces behind VIAC’s technology. In his position he is responsible for the technical implementation and further development of research and portfolio management. Prior to VIAC, he worked for almost five years as a quantitative research analyst at a cantonal bank and at the same time earned his doctorate at the University of Basel in the Department of Financial Market Theory.

Emir Muminovic


Emir (1987) supports the operations and is dedicated to develop and implement new products. Prior to this, Emir worked for 5 years in consulting for an international consulting company and was a member of the executive board of his family company for 3 years. He has extensive experience in banking and insurance.

Simon Spirig


Simon (1987) supports the operations and is dedicated to develop and implement new products. Prior to this, Simon worked for 6 years in the Private Banking department of a Swiss global bank and is CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Charterholder. He has extensive experience in the area of Banking and Investments.

Lionel Hess


Lionel (1994) supports the operations and is dedicated to develop and implement new products. Prior to this, Lionel worked for 6 years as a client advisor at a cantonal bank. He has extensive experience in banking.

Our Advisory Board

Germann Wiggli

Germann Wiggli (1964) was Chairman of the Executive Board of WIR Bank Cooperative and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Terzo Pension Foundation of WIR Bank until the end of May 2019. Since then he has been a member of the Board of Directors of WIR Bank Cooperative. He supported the development of the VIAC solution from the outset and thus set the decisive course for the solution to be developed to market maturity.

Max Peter

Max Peter (1954) graduated with a degree in engineering from HTL and worked for two consulting companies as well as in leading positions at Nestlé, Coop and Bon AppétitGroup AG before joining Emmi in 2002 as Head of Corporate Development and member of the Group Executive Board. Since 2005, he has been responsible for the Trading & SupplyChain Management Switzerland division at Emmi. This includes trading companies, logistics, purchasing, quality, safety and environmental management, sustainability and real estate. In the course of succession planning, Max Peter gave up purchasing and sustainability. Since October 2017, he has also been responsible for the Italian subsidiary A-27. Max Peter is also a member of the Board of GS1 Switzerland and president of the Swiss Sports Aid Foundation.

Prof. Dr. Heinz Zimmermann

Heinz Zimmermann (1958) has been professor of Financial Market Theory at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Basel since 2001. Prior to that, he was a professor at the University of St. Gallen between 1989 and 2001. His research interests include asset pricing, empirical financial market research, financial innovation and precaution. He studied economics at the University of Berne and held various postdoctoral positions in the USA. He is also an honorary member of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research and co-founder of various companies in the financial services sector (almafinjaeger, ppcmetrics, vescoresolutions, LPX, cyd-research), member of various boards of directors (Versicherung der Schweizer Ärzte, Remaco and others) and holder of various mandates in the financial services sector.

Terzo Board of Trustees and Managing Director

Bruno Stiegeler

Chairman of the Foundation Board

Daniele Ceccarelli

Managing director

Daniela Schneeberger

Foundation council

Matthias Pfeifer

Foundation council

Mathias Thurneysen

Foundation council

Prof. Dr. Heinz Zimmermann

Foundation council

Our partners at the WIR Bank

Malou Fouarge

Product Manager CHF

Bastian Lips

Head of Support Centre