VIAC launches first free pillar 3a solution with securities

With Account Plus VIAC launches another innovative solution. Compared to a classic retirement savings account, an Account Plus consists of 95% interest-bearing cash (with 0.30% interest) and an additional 5% in equities. And this is explosive: the equity component is managed by VIAC free of charge!

The new VIAC Account Plus compared to a conventional 3a account:

As the equity component of this product is low, the fluctuation remains close to zero even in crisis years. On the other hand, it is precisely this small proportion of securities that helps to greatly improve the expected return in the long term. Instead of an average return of 0.27%, the pension saver can hope for a return of over 0.60%. What looks like little at first glance, creates great added value in the long term. Especially for young savers, several thousand francs more can be raised so quickly.

In order to avoid the additional return of 5% equity being “eaten up” by the fees, VIAC offers this product free of charge. This means that there are no custody fees, brokerage or management fees – the product costs are already included. Only the sustainable version of Account Plus offers a meager 0.01%.

VIAC is thus once again demonstrating that innovative solutions can create clear added value for customers. With Account Plus, VIAC is the first provider to close the gap between a pure 3a account and securities saving. This offer is made possible not least by the highly efficient, digital and largely automated infrastructure.