Make the most of your tax advantages! You can deduct payments made into the pillar 3a retirement savings account from your taxable income. This lets you save on taxes now and set money aside for later to enjoy a worry-free retirement.

The maximum contribution will be increased in 2023. The following maximum amount now applies for pillar 3a deposits

With a pension fund:

CHF 7’056

Without a pension fund (max. 20% of net income):

CHF 35’280

Your tax advantages in pillar 3a:

  • 3a payments are deductible from taxable income – no more than the maximum amount may be paid in
  • 3a retirement savings are exempt from wealth, income and Swiss withholding tax for the entire duration of the savings period
  • 3a withdrawals are taxed at a reduced tax rate
  • 3a assets can be used to finance owner-occupied residential property.

How is the maximum amount calculated?

The maximum contribution in pillar 3a is directly derived from the BVG maximum. According to BVV 3, with a pension fund connection, 8% of the BVG maximum may be paid into Pillar 3a. Without a pension fund, it’s a maximum of 40%.

Here an explanation, how come the maximum contribution changes every few years:

  • In principle, Federal Council reviews every two years whether pensions need to be adjusted.
  • This review includes the maximum AHV pension, which as of 2023 will be CHF 29’400 per year.
  • Three times this amount corresponds to the BVG maximum – i.e. CHF 88’200 as of 2023.

The pensions are usually reviewed every two years by Federal Council, but can also remain the same over several years, such as 2015 to 2018. Below is an overview of the amounts of previous years:

YearWith pension fundWithout pension fund
2023CHF 7’056CHF 35’280
2022CHF 6’883CHF 34’416
2021CHF 6’883CHF 34’416
2020CHF 6’826CHF 34’128
2019CHF 6’826CHF 34’128
2018CHF 6’768CHF 33’840
2017CHF 6’768CHF 33’840
2016CHF 6’768CHF 33’840
2015CHF 6’768CHF 33’840
2014CHF 6’739CHF 33’696
2013CHF 6’739CHF 33’696
2012CHF 6’682CHF 33’408
2011CHF 6’682CHF 33’408
2010CHF 6’566CHF 32’832