VIAC Release 2.0

Just over 6 months have passed since we celebrated VIAC’s market entry. But so far there hasn’t been much time for celebrating. Who would have thought that we would start so brilliantly with our smartphone-based Pillar 3a solution – we didn‘t. Of course we were hoping for it, but we would certainly have lost one or two bets – luckily we didn’t make any bets…

So what is our conclusion for the first 6 months? We are simply overwhelmed by you, yes by each and every one of you who has placed his trust in us and has become a customer of VIAC! It doesn’t matter whether only 1 or 250‘000 Swiss francs were trusted to VIAC… Well actually it does matter since the client with CHF 250’000 at VIAC saves significantly more fees in absolute terms. Fun aside – every customer counts, every recommendation counts, every feedback, criticism or praise counts, because this motivates us to further develop VIAC day in, day out. This brings us directly to our release 2.0, in which we have packed many great innovations for you!

We are happy to discuss the most important changes in detail:

Multi-portfolio: One reads it from time to time in a newspaper report – it is worthwhile to open several 3a relationships. That is the case. In addition to the tax advantages in old age, if you receive every 3a relationship in a different year and thus benefit from tax progression, it may make sense to maintain several relationships earlier. Maybe you want to build a house or buy an apartment soon? In this way, one relationship can be closed and pre-empted and the other used for the actual purpose – closing the pension gap (Academy). Several relationships therefore create increased flexibility. It is exactly this flexibility we want to offer. With the VIAC app it takes less than 20 seconds until another 3a portfolio is created – we would think this is a Swiss record… The challengers are welcome to contact us. But it’s not only fast, it’s also super flexible. Just as in the previous example of home ownership, it may make sense for me to choose a different – perhaps more conservative – strategy for my second portfolio. It is precisely this wish that we are taking into account with multiportfolio: a different strategy can be selected for each portfolio. A total of five 3a relationships can be maintained at VIAC. What remains, however, is the current maximum for deposits which applies to all 3a relationships, whether with one or several providers. This is currently CHF 6‘768 for employees with a pension fund connection and CHF 33‘840 for persons without a pension fund connection / self-employed persons.

Individual strategy: Attention financial professionals! Now you can create your own strategy from over 30 financial products. Would you like a bit more US stocks? Or would you prefer gold for security? However you see the future, with VIAC you can certainly put together the right strategy for yourself. By the way, you do not have to worry about compliance with the guidelines – our system automatically checks that you do not exceed the maximum values and that diversification is sufficiently large. Choosing your individual strategy costs the same – you benefit from the same unrivaled conditions as with our standard strategies.

Recommend VIAC: What is already commonplace is finally rewarded (otherwise we would hardly have grown so fast…). Whoever recommends VIAC to his friends, acquaintances, relatives or work colleagues, profits! For each successful recommendation – up to a maximum of three – we manage CHF 500 of the pension assets free of charge for you as well as for the recruited person. Not for a year, not for two years… for a lifetime! So it’s up to you to make your low fees a little cheaper. Just remember: A code can only be used once and inviting yourself does not work at VIAC.

Besides these main new features we have fixed several smaller bugs for you and implemented some improvements. As a result, closing has also become a bit more digital. It is as easy to leave us now as it was to become a customer. Just as it should be. Further you can have a closer look at the performance – it’s just a coincidence, by the way, that we mention this after the closing feature. We have also added some email notifications for you, and you can now send the documents directly to your mail address. Portfolio names can now be personalized for better clarity and maybe you will find our little Easteregg… A little hint: It is a mythical creature and start ups have sometimes implemented these acquisitions – of course multilingual; we don’t want to exclude anyone.

So much in advance of the new features of Release 2, if something is missing or doesn’t work properly against all expectations, let us know. We are always happy to receive praise, criticism or simply feedback. Whether as a stylish postcard, short chat message or yet on the business card of the competitor is up to you…

Update your app now to version 2.0 in the App Store from Apple or Google and try out the new features – except of course with the closing! You are welcome to take your time until retirement… Have fun with it!