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How can I invest in a staggered manner with VIAC?

At VIAC, the selected strategy is always implemented for all assets in a 3a portfolio or a vested benefits segment.

If you would like to make a staggered investment instead of a direct investment into the target strategy, you can do this manually as follows:

Option 1:

You start with the account strategy (100% liquidity CHF) and then gradually increase the equity ratio by means of a strategy adjustment until you have reached your target strategy.

Example: Let’s assume that your target strategy is Global 80. In this case you start with the account strategy (100% liquidity CHF). After a certain time, e.g. after one month, you increase the investment ratio and set the strategy to Global 20 (20% stocks, 10% real estate, 2% commodities, 68% liquidity CHF). After another e.g. 2-3 months you increase the strategy from Global 20 to Global 40 (40% stocks, 10% real estate, 3% commodities, 47% liquidity CHF). Essentially you have added 20% equities. You repeat this process of strategy adjustment to the next higher level until you have reached your target strategy.

Tip: It is best to set a reminder in your calendar so that you do not forget the strategy adjustment.

Option 2:

You create your own strategy. To do this, you need to set the investment focus to “Individual Strategy”. Then you can select the funds you want to invest in from the asset list (bottom half of page). In your individual strategy you can define the percentage weighting of the funds in 1% steps. The strategy adjustments are then executed in the weekly trading.


When investing in a staggered manner, it must be taken into account that there is always at least one VIAC Trading Day between the adjustments. With the weekly VIAC Trading Day, the changes you have made are implemented and executed. We have also written an Academy article on the subject of how the VIAC Trading Day works.