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Viac Academy

How does VIAC manage to be so much cheaper than its competitors?

It’s no longer a secret that many banks receive high margins on fund products or with custody account fees in their Pillar 3a offering. These high fees reduce your old-age provision year after year. With VIAC we offer you a new type of old-age provision, which is based on personal responsibility and with which you can save not only taxes but also fees, time and paper.

There are good reasons why VIAC can offer securities savings at such favourable conditions.

Pooling & Netting:

  • The intelligent VIAC system makes it possible to settle exchange transactions within the foundation, so that only the respective net amount has to be bought or sold. As a result, transaction fees can be largely reduced. VIAC passes on this cost advantage to the customer in the form of a low administration fee.

Efficient system:

  • Opening an account with VIAC is 100% digital. Pension fund management is automated, which makes the VIAC system scalable. We do not need a huge administrative apparatus, nor does VIAC employ expensive bank employees or product sellers.

Inexpensive index investments:

  • A large proportion of active funds fail to achieve a higher return than the benchmark (after deducting all costs) in the medium term. The main reason for this is that a fund manager first has to catch up around 1% of performance until he has only covered his own annual costs. In recent years, passive, low-cost securities investments have therefore received steady inflows.

VIAC’s strategies are composed of various inexpensive ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and index funds. These passive securities investments represent the underlying index as accurately as possible. As a result, the client has the opportunity to invest broadly diversified and cost-efficient in entire markets from CHF 1.00 onwards. As expensive fund managers are not needed, product costs are significantly lower.