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Securities solution or account solution?

Since Pillar 3a is principally used for retirement savings, money can only be withdrawn at an early stage in a few exceptional cases regulated by law. This creates a long investment horizon of up to 47 years, making Pillar 3a an excellent investment vehicle for securities. In practice, depending on the recommended strategy, an investment horizon of 5-10 years is assumed. An investment in securities enables the client to benefit from higher earnings opportunities than a pure account solution.

When investing in securities, you have to accept certain price fluctuations, while with an account solution you can rely on a very low but steady return. Particularly in the current low interest rate environment, a rethink would be worthwhile, as the interest rate for many providers is already much lower than inflationary expectations. However, if you only have a very short investment horizon or if you do not want to carry price fluctuations, we recommend the pure account solution. Download the free VIAC App and find out which investment type you are and which strategy suits you during the opening process!