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Viac Academy

Why can I invest from CHF 1?

With VIAC’s 3rd pillar, anyone can invest from CHF 1 – without minimum fees, without any further payment obligations. With this one franc, you participate in the development of more than 2’500 companies worldwide in our standard strategies. How does this work when individual shares may already cost several hundred Swiss francs? There are two main reasons for this:

First, VIAC invests in index funds (index funds and ETFs). By buying an index fund, you participate directly in all companies of the underlying index, which can be several hundred shares, depending on the index fund. Second, our system makes it possible to hold any number of small index fund fractions. This means that the client does not have to buy entire index fund units, but can also acquire an arbitrary fraction of an index fund. Let’s assume that Max invests CHF 1 in VIAC and distributes his assets evenly across ten index funds. He therefore invests CHF 0.1 per index fund. Assuming that 1 index fund unit costs CHF 100, Max receives 0.001 units per index fund. With an investment of only CHF 1, he thus participates in the development of all companies in these ten index funds, even though he acquires only a fraction of an index fund unit in each case.

In addition, all pension assets starting at CHF 1 are automatically monitored and rebalanced on a monthly basis if necessary – if there is a deviation of more than 2% from the target weight. Regardless of the assets, the annual administration fee amounts to only 0.52% (at most 0.40% p.a. due to the fee cap) of the invested pension assets; there is no minimum fee for VIAC. At VIAC, the “small” customer also receives an all-round carefree package.