Can VIAC adjust my strategy for me?

How can I adjust my strategy?

Problems logging in with fingerprint or FaceID

What should I do if my mobile phone is stolen?

I have a new mobile number – how can I change it?

I don’t have a Swiss mobile number, can I still become a VIAC customer?

What is the VIAC Account Plus?

What do I have to do to establish a customer relationship with WIR Bank?

Am I a customer of VIAC AG or the Terzo Pension Foundation of the WIR Bank?

Am I also a customer at WIR Bank?

Do I make a commitment when signing the pension savings agreement?

Why do I have to upload a photo of my ID/passport?

Can I open multiple portfolios?

Is there a minimum term for my 3a savings with VIAC?

Who can establish a relationship at VIAC?

Is there a minimum investment amount?

How do I know which strategy suits me best?

How do I open a third pillar at VIAC?

Can a third party steal money from my 3a by unauthorized access?

Where’s my money?

How secure is my personal information?

How secure is my login to the app?

Is there any depositor protection on my 3a assets at VIAC?

How safe is my money? What happens if the WIR Bank becomes insolvent?

As a WIR participant, can I make my deposit in WIR?

Are there any fees for deposits or withdrawals?

Can I make up for missed deposits in the last few years?

May I open several 3a relationships?

Can I take my money back?

Does the VIAC App show me how much more I can deposit in the current year?

What happens if I pay more than the 3a maximum amount allowed per year?

When is my pension money invested?

Do I have to make regular deposits?

Do I better deposit monthly (standing order) or sporadically?

How can I transfer existing 3a assets?

How do I pay into my VIAC solution?

What is the maximum age to make a deposit?

I am self-employed with pension fund-connection, how much can I deposit?

I am unemployed, can I still deposit?

How much can I deposit into my 3rd pillar account?

Can I change the composition of my portfolio independently?

How often can I change my strategy? Are there any costs?

How useful are passive funds for pension provision?

Who are passive investment funds suitable for?

Is VIAC an active asset manager?

Can I override VIAC’s investment proposal?

Can I simply open a Pillar 3a cash account with VIAC?

How much risk/variation do I have to expect?

Am I protected against market movements?

Do I have a foreign currency risk?

Are the implemented index funds and ETFs physically or synthetically replicated?

What is the difference to other pension funds in the third pillar?

Can I invest in a particular individual security, such as Nestlé?

Can I invest in an index fund or ETF not recommended by VIAC?

Do I receive dividends from the index funds and ETFs? Are they retained or paid out?

Why is there no investment in bonds in the strategies?

Are there historical performance data on VIAC investment strategies?

How does the selection process work for sustainable strategies?

Why are there different investment focuses for VIAC investment strategies?

What criteria are used to select the index investments?

How broadly diversified are my retirement assets?

What are the advantages of ETFs over other forms of investment?

What are index funds and ETFs?

What is the investment profile for?

What is my money invested in?

Who is responsible for implementing the offered VIAC strategies?

What risks do I take with an investment?

Is my portfolio being actively implemented by VIAC?

How often can I buy and sell?

How often is my portfolio adjusted?

What is the advantage of rebalancing?

What does rebalancing mean?

Are there any costs involved in closing or in the case of early withdrawal?

Are there any additional fees for custody account management?

Where can I view my fees paid?

Does the Terzo Pension Fund, WIR Bank or VIAC receive commissions?

Do I also pay the VIAC administration fee on the interest-bearing cash part?

On what basis is the VIAC administration fee calculated? How is it charged?

Is there a fee for foreign currency exchange?

Why do I still pay product costs in addition to the administration fee?

What does the VIAC administration fee include?

Can I have the securities transferred to my private assets?

Can I have the account or securities transferred to another bank?

Do I have to get my 3rd pillar savings when I reach the AHV age?

When can I withdraw my 3rd pillar early?

When can I have my 3rd pillar paid out at the earliest?

How can I close my VIAC portfolio?

What notice period do I have if I want to withdraw my pension assets?

What does the display “Next Rebalancing Day” mean?

Do I receive regular reports?

Can I automatically receive my tax certificate by e-mail?

How can I print my receipts?

Will I receive a tax certificate for my tax return at the end of the year?

Do I have an overview of every single transaction in the app?

What are the specific tasks of VIAC?

Do I receive investment advice from VIAC?

What are the advantages of the VIAC solution?

What exactly is the compound interest effect? Why do I benefit so much with VIAC?

In which cases can I dissolve my Pillar 3a?

Pure account solution or invest a part of it in securities?

When does it make sense to pay into Pillar 3a?

How do I deduct my 3a deposit?

Do I have to pay tax on my 3a assets?