To get a (higher) base protection, you can transfer existing 3a assets to VIAC or, if possible, deposit the annual 3a maximum with VIAC. In this way you can reach the limit of CHF 10’000 invested assets faster and benefit from free base protection. The following table shows you an overview of the base protection coverage in relation to the assets invested in securities:

Invested assetsCoverage
CHF 10’000CHF 2’500
CHF 20’000CHF 5’000
CHF 30’000CHF 7’500
CHF 40’000CHF 10’000
CHF 990’000CHF 247’5001
CHF 1’000’000CHF 250’0001

1To extend coverage from CHF 100’000 up to CHF 250’000, three health questions must be completed.