As safe as any other bank or pension foundation. You pay every franc directly into the Vested Benefits Foundation of the WIR Bank. The Vested Benefits Foundation is independent and responsible for the secure, needs-oriented management of the pension assets of its clients. It has been operating successfully on the Swiss market since 19 February 2003 and has already been entrusted with more than CHF 450 million in client assets.

If the WIR Bank finds itself in financial difficulties, it is the task of the Vested Benefits Foundation to take the necessary measures to protect the pension assets of its clients (e.g. this may result in a change of custodian bank). With the bankruptcy privilege, your account assets up to CHF 100’000 will be given preferential treatment in the event of bankruptcy of the account-holding bank. Securities are held at Credit Suisse. Securities (including our index funds) are regarded as special assets and do not fall into bankruptcy assets in the event of the custodian bank’s insolvency. More information can be found at: