Using the Quick Check in the VIAC web version (for computer or tablet), you can independently check whether you are suitable for a VIAC mortgage. Criteria such as type of property, the financing structure, the loan-to-value ratio and an initial rough affordability calculation are carried out. The following criteria must also be met in order to benefit from the VIAC mortgage offer:

  1. Criteria: Personal
    • Individuals between 18 and 60 years of age
    • Borrowers with Swiss citizenship or residence permit B or C
    • VIAC Pillar 3a or VIAC VB client (if more than one borrower, at least one must be a VIAC client).
  2. Criteria: Property
    • Property is considered a primary residence or will be used as a primary residence after purchase
    • Owner-occupied: The property is 100% owner-occupied
    • Existing or turnkey property
    • Renovation costs up to max. 10% of the property value
    • Property in Switzerland
    • Property value max. CHF 2.3 million
    • No value-reducing easements / encumbrances (right of abode, right of use, parcel in building lease)
    • Excluded:
      • Vacation homes
      • Yield properties or partially rented properties
      • Construction projects or properties under or with planned reconstruction (costs > 10% of the property value)
      • Properties abroad or in the canton of Ticino
  3. Criteria: Financing
    • Maximum 2 borrowers
    • Loan-to-value max. 80% (20% own funds can be provided by pledging)
    • Calculatory affordability must be given
    • Mortgage must be between CHF 100’000.- and 1’840’000.-
    • Only total financing is permitted (excluded: subsequent financing)
    • Payout / financing date must be in 1.5 years at the latest.