VB Investment strategies / selection of index investments

How does the selection process work for sustainable strategies?

How much risk/variation do I have to expect?

Am I protected against market movements?

Do I have a foreign currency risk?

Are the implemented index funds and ETFs physically or synthetically replicated?

What is the difference to other pension funds of competitors?

Can I invest in a particular individual security, such as Nestlé?

Can I invest in an index fund or ETF not recommended by VIAC?

Do I receive dividends from the index funds and ETFs? Are they reinvested or paid out?

Why do I have to stick to bandwidths when choosing my own strategy?

Why is there no investment in bonds in the strategies?

Are there historical performance data on VIAC investment strategies?

Why are there different investment focuses for VIAC investment strategies?

What criteria are used to select the index investments?

How broadly diversified are my retirement assets?

What are the advantages of ETFs over other forms of investment?

What are index funds and ETFs?

What is the investment profile for?

What is my money invested in?

Who is responsible for implementing the offered VIAC strategies?