VIAC Lifetime Reward 🙌

Invite friends

Invite your friends to VIAC and benefit together – for a lifetime! Every friend who follows your invitation and becomes a VIAC customer is worth something to us. We waive the administration fee for the specified amount! With five friends, that’s CHF 7’500.- of your retirement assets, on which you don’t pay any longer the administration fee – for a lifetime.

Best of all: Your friend also benefits and pays no administration fee on his first CHF 1’000 for the rest of his life.

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

Transferring existing 3a is worthwhile!

1, 2, 3, and your existing 3a assets have been transferred to VIAC. Do you have existing 3a assets that you would like to transfer to VIAC?

This is very simple! Create your personal transfer order right in the app and send it directly to your previous pension foundation. It’s that easy and you’ll save on fees, day after day, year after year.

By the way: If you transfer CHF 50’000 you will save more money within a day, than you spent on the postage for the letter thanks to the low fees at VIAC!

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

Individual strategy

Attention financial professionals

Now you can create your own strategy from over 70 index funds and ETF. Would you like a bit more US stocks? Or would you prefer gold for security? However you see the future, with VIAC you can certainly put together the right strategy for yourself. By the way, you do not have to worry about compliance with the guidelines – our system automatically checks that you do not exceed the maximum values and that diversification is sufficiently large. Choosing your individual strategy costs the same – you benefit from the same unrivaled conditions as with our standard strategies. Click here for our title list:

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.