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VIAC customers benefit from a free Life Basic coverage

Free coverage against disability or death.

Why Life Basic

Added value for the customer

VIAC has grown very successfully in recent years and would like to give something of its success back to VIAC customers with this free additional service. In vested benefits, insurance coverage ceases when pension fund assets are paid out, which is why customers are often no longer sufficiently covered in the event of a claim. With our free Life Basic, we offer our customers additional protection in the event of a claim. With the low-cost Life Plus, we offer a cost-effective and flexible solution if the customer wishes to increase coverage against disability and/or death in addition to the free Life Basic.

Detailed information on our Life Basic offer can be found in the FAQ.

Life Plus

Additional coverage with Life Plus

Would you like to cover the risk of death or disability due to illness or accident more in addition to the free Life Basic? Then Life Plus is an exciting solution for you. 100% digital, cost-effective and flexible.