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If you need to insure, then do it cost-effectively and flexibly with VIAC Life Plus.

Flexible and cost-effective coverage. Term 1 year each.

VIAC Life Plus: The most flexible risk coverage

Not only a low-cost pension plan, but also flexible and low-cost disability and death coverage!

For whom is risk insurance suitable?

Not everyone needs coverage. In certain cases it can make sense. When choosing an insurance partner, we advise you to pay attention to the fees.

Low cost with VIAC Life Plus

Low-cost coverage

Life Plus: your security at attractive prices

VIAC is committed to low premiums! That is why we have developed an affordable and flexible coverage with our insurance partner Helvetia. Costs of comparable products from competitors are up to 3x higher. Depending on age and coverage, this can make a difference of thousands of Swiss Francs. How is that even possible? Thanks to completely digital processing, we have a low administrative overhead and save on expensive sales.

Life Plus

Protect yourself and your loved ones with the most flexible risk insurance

Simple coverage

Protect yourself and your loved ones with coverage of up to CHF 300’000. You can choose between the risks of death and/or disability – you are covered against illness and accident.

Highest flexibility

Adjust your risk coverage at any time – without long terms or notice periods. Payment is easy by credit card.

Maximum security

With Helvetia as the risk carrier, you benefit from the expertise of one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland with VIAC Life products.

100% digital

Complete your risk insurance digitally in just a few minutes – on your PC or smartphone.