Selection Process

The Vested Benefits Foundation of WIR Bank has applied the following selection criteria to determine the index investments used:


Each index investment is strongly oriented towards an underlying benchmark index. In order to ensure that the individual strategies are globally diversified and sensibly distributed according to asset classes and regions, the appropriate benchmark indices must be selected beforehand. Note that this preselection is not always obvious: For example, the SMI, SLI, SPI and SMIM all reflect the Swiss stock market, but they all differ greatly in terms of diversification and risk/return profile.

Quantitative Characteristics

In order to reflect the preselected benchmark indices as well and as cost-effectively as possible, the following quantitative criteria are used: product fees, trading liquidity, tracking error (deviation from the benchmark), and trading spread. These characteristics are regularly checked and guarantee an optimal and customer-oriented choice of the index investments used.

Tax Influences

In addition to quantitative criteria, tax influences also play an important role. Index funds are a major part of the investments used. These are not traded on the stock exchange and are therefore not subject to stamp duty. In the case of the remaining investment products (ETFs), stamp duty is due, but it is also reduced by VIAC’s intelligent offsetting system (see Academy).


Last but not least, the type of replication also influences the selection. Where possible, physically replicated funds are implemented. They effectively invest in the stocks of the underlying benchmark index. Investments in synthetically replicating products are avoided if possible since they are exposed to counterparty risk.

Asset List

NameDetailsISINTrade currencyFactsheet
VB AccountLiquidity WIR BankCHF
Bonds Switzerland
CSIF CH Bonds AAA-AASBI AAA-AACH0033846350CHF Factsheet
CSIF CH Bonds CorporateSBI CorporateCH0281860111CHF Factsheet
Bonds World
CSIF World ex CH Gov. BondsCGBI WGBI ex SwitzerlandCH0033210086USD Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH Corp. BondsBBG Barcl. Glob. Aggr. Corp. ex CHFCH0189955260USD Factsheet
High-yield Bonds
CS Global High YieldBBG Barclays Global High Yield Corp.LU0340004091USD Factsheet
CSIF Emerging Market BondsJPM EMBI Global DiversifiedCH0259132105USD Factsheet
Equity Switzerland
CSIF SMISMICH0033782431CHF Factsheet
UBS ETF SLISLICH0032912732CHF Factsheet
CSIF SPI ExtraSPI ExtraCH0110869143CHF Factsheet
UBS ETF MSCI Switzerland IMI SRIMSCI Switzerland SRICH0368190739CHF Factsheet
Equity Developed Markets
CSIF Europe ex CHMSCI Europe ex SchweizCH0037606552EUR Factsheet
CSIF US – Pension FundMSCI USACH0030849712USD Factsheet
iShares Nasdaq 100Nasdaq 100IE00B53SZB19USD Factsheet
CSIF CanadaMSCI CanadaCH0030849613CAD Factsheet
CSIF Pacific ex JapanMSCI Pacific ex JapanCH0030849654USD Factsheet
CSIF Japan – Pension FundMSCI JapanCH0357515474JPY Factsheet
CS Global Dividend PlusMSCI WorldLU0439730705USD Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH – Pension Fund PlusMSCI World ex CHCH0429081620USD Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH hedged – Pension Fund PlusMSCI World ex CHCH0429081638CHF Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH Small Cap – Pension FundMSCI World ex CH Small CapCH0214967314USD Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH Small Cap hedged – Pension FundMSCI World ex CH Small CapCH0214968353CHF Factsheet
CSIF US ESG – Pension FundMSCI USA ESG LeadersCH0397628709USD Factsheet
UBS ETF MSCI Pacific SRIMSCI Pacific SRILU0629460832USD Factsheet
CSIF World ex CH ESG – Pension FundMSCI World ex CH ESG LeadersCH0337393745USD Factsheet
Equity Emerging Markets
CSIF Emerging MarketsMSCI Emerging MarketsCH0017844686USD Factsheet
CSIF Emerging Markets ESGMSCI Emerging Markets ESG LeadersLU1587907855USD Factsheet
Real Estate Switzerland
CSIF CH Real EstateImmobilien SchweizCH0036599816CHF Factsheet
Real Estate World
iShares US Property YieldImmobilien USAIE00B1FZSF77USD Factsheet
CSIF Europe ex CH Real EstateImmobilien Europa ex SchweizCH0032044684EUR Factsheet
CSIF Asia Real EstateImmobilien AsienCH0032044791JPY Factsheet
CSIF Real Estate World ex CH – Pension FundReal Estate World ex CHCH0217837456USD Factsheet
CSIF GoldGoldCH0209106761USD Factsheet
Alternative Investments
iShares Listed Private EquityS&P Listed Private EquityIE00B1TXHL60USD Factsheet