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A pillar 3a solution that creates added value for the customer – not just for the bank.

Saving made easy

Our pension solution pays off, and is easy to use and understandable for everyone.

Start off with as little as CHF 1

Invest as much as you want and when you want – with no minimum deposit, minimum fee or minimum term.

Maximum security

Your money is safe at the Terzo Pension Foundation of WIR Bank. WIR Bank is a purely Swiss, cooperative bank.

Unrivaled low costs

An administration fee covers all transactions, custody account management and foundation administration – no matter how often and how much you deposit.

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

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A simple way to save taxes. Open a pillar 3 VIAC account with minimum fuss.

Maximum flexibility

From an interest-bearing account up to 97% in equities, broadly diversified with index funds. You can adjust your investment strategy at any time – at no extra cost from VIAC.

100% digital pillar 3a

Open your personal pillar 3 within a few minutes on your smartphone – no matter when and where.

Automatic monitoring

Constant ups and downs on the financial markets can lead to significant fluctuations in value. We constantly monitor your pillar 3 to keep your risk at the desired level.

Experts help

Our pension and financial experts are happy to assist you with questions concerning the pillar 3a or securities-based saving. Just use our Chat – or simply call us.

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

No need to hide our fees – since they are the smallest around.

0.00% – 0.61%

Total costs incl. product costs

Total costs cover:

  • Custody fee
  • Product fees
  • Foundation fee
  • Transaction fees
  • Administration fee

You pay no:

  • Basic fee
  • Retrocessions/other commisisions
  • Performance fee
  • Closing fees
  • Fees for deposits/withdrawals

*Compared to the average costs (1.24%) of all securities solutions offered by SZKB, UBS, Credit Suisse, VZ Vermögenszentrum, Raiffeisen and ZKB as at 12 October 2017.

A smartphone, 8 minutes and your ID.

That’s all you need to save on fees and taxes with VIAC – no hassle of going to the bank or providing identification at the post office. Easy and convenient account opening – anywhere and anytime.

Even after completing the registration process, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to make a deposit or not. You will not be activated as a customer in our system until the first deposit has been credited to your VIAC account.

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Open now pillar 3a with VIAC and save money.

Your trust – our most valuable asset.

VIAC is a product of the Terzo Pension Foundation.

The Terzo Pension Foundation of WIR Bank manages over 1 billion Swiss francs of existing 3a assets for its clients.

Your deposit bears interest.

Money not invested in securities is held by WIR Bank.

Thanks to the bankruptcy privilege of up to CHF 100,000.00, cash assets are treated preferentially in the event of insolvency of the account-holding bank.

Your securities are safe

Your securities are traded and stored at Credit Suisse. They are regarded as special assets and are protected in the event of the custodian bank becoming insolvent.

Maximum security for your pillar 3.

Everything in Switzerland

All data are held and will remain in Switzerland.

State-of-the-art technology

We use the latest Swiss technology with the highest security standards.

Strict data protection

Your data will be stored with us in accordance with strict Swiss data protection laws.

Swiss development

The entire software was developed in Switzerland.

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Thanks to the cooperation between the established Terzo Pension Foundation of WIR Bank and the young start-up VIAC, you get the best of two worlds: maximum security for your pension assets and modern, personalized implementation. No wishes remain unfulfilled!


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