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Revolutionizing the way people plan, manage and optimize their retirement savings.

Origin of VIAC

Let's change the market! ✊

The idea of VIAC was born in 2015 with the vision of a pillar 3a solution that you can recommend to your best friends with a clear conscience. The founders were convinced that with the solution, which was optimized down to the smallest detail, they could show a way for our generation to arm itself against the looming problems of old-age provision.

«The idea arose from our own need for a simple, understandable and, above all, efficient pension solution. Private pension provision will be indispensable in the future and must be accessible to the masses without hurdles.»

Daniel Peter – Initiator VIAC


VIAC is committed to cost-effective pension provision in Switzerland. With its highly automated system and intelligent self-service platform, VIAC has set a new standard for the efficient management of pension assets. In contrast to its established competitors, VIAC strategically and consistently dispenses with a cost-intensive sales apparatus. This allows us to put together extremely cost-effective and attractive products for our VIAC customers. VIAC grows primarily through the recommendations of enthusiastic customers.

VIAC is committed to shaking up the pension and financial markets in Switzerland with disruptive and innovative products. The focus of our business is to generate added value for our customers. Thanks to high automation and scalability, we have already been able to reduce fees several times in recent years. VIAC is thus setting the pace for pension provision in Switzerland. VIAC – added value for customers.

The product offering has been steadily expanded since its launch. In 2020, VIAC will launch a low-cost vested benefits solution. In 2021, VIAC Life is rolled out – the cost-effective and flexible solution for covering the risks of disability and/or death. In 2022, VIAC Mortgage will follow with top conditions – exclusively for VIAC customers.