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Viac Academy

How does VIAC Rewards work?

With the VIAC Reward program you can invite friends and acquaintances to VIAC in the app under the «Invite friends» function using a code. For each successful invitation you receive a free amount at VIAC. On this sum you no longer pay an administration fee at VIAC – for life! For successful referrals there are the following levels:

  • CHF 1’000 for accepting the invitation of one of your friends
  • CHF 1’000 for your first referral
  • CHF 1’250 for the second referral
  • CHF 1’500 for the third referral
  • CHF 1’750 for the fourth referral
  • CHF 2’000 for the fifth referral

Due to the allowance of up to CHF 8’500 you can significantly reduce your effective administration fee. Here are two examples:

Client 1 has earned an allowance of CHF 5’000 and invests CHF 15’000 in the Global 100 strategy at VIAC. The allowance reduces his effective management fee from 0.40% to 0.23% (point A in the chart). This corresponds to a discount of about 43%. If he continues to make payments to VIAC, he would only pay around 0.34% on CHF 40’000 in assets due to the allowance (point B), which still corresponds to a discount of 16%.

Client 2 has an allowance of CHF 1’750 and invests CHF 25’000 in the strategy Switzerland 20. Since no fee is charged on the 3a account at VIAC, she pays only 0.17% even before the discount. Due to the allowance, she can reduce her administration fee to only 0.13% (point C), which equals a discount of roughly 22%.