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With free death or disability coverage.

When do I need a vested benefits account?

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Parking money

Whether you’re changing jobs or staying abroad – a vested benefits account lets you hold on to your retirement savings when you take a break from or give up your job in Switzerland.

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You leave Switzerland and must transfer your saved pension fund assets to a vested benefits account. Thanks to the digital access via web app, VIAC is an exciting vested benefits solution particularly for expats

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You become self-employed and do not join a pension fund

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Change of employer

You change your employer and can’t transfer all your previously saved vested benefits assets to the new pension fund.

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Income below 21’510.-

Your income is now – e.g. due to part-time work or a change of job – below the insurable limit for occupational pension plans (CHF 21’510; as of 2021).

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Due to divorce proceedings, you are entitled to part of your spouse’s pension fund assets which is then transferred to a vested benefits account.

VIAC combines state-of-the-art technologies and cost-effective investments for optimal provision of your vested benefits.

More flexibility

Thanks to the segmentation[1] of your vested benefits into mandatory and extra-mandatory, you can define a different strategy for each segment. You can thus invest your vested benefits assets even more flexibly.

Wide product range

From an interest-bearing vested benefits cash account to a pure equity strategy (only selectable in the extra-mandatory segment) – VIAC offers the right strategy for every risk type. If required, you can adjust your investment strategy on a weekly basis.

More efficiency

We use institutional fund tranches whenever possible. This way you often benefit from TER 0% funds which are directly exempt from withholding tax in some countries.

Unrivaled low costs

The administration fee covers all brokerage fees for the purchase and sale of the funds as well as custody account management. Administration of the foundation is also included.

[1]This is not splitting – it remains one vested benefit relationship.

FZ Web Applikation

Open now a VIAC vested benefits account.

The vested benefits account can be opened in the VIAC web version on the computer or tablet.

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Without hurdles to the best pension provision:
Open a VIAC vested benefits account now.

Vested Benefits Onboarding

Top security

Your pension assets are managed by the vested benefits foundation of WIR Bank. WIR Bank is a purely Swiss, cooperative bank.

Digital vested benefits

Whether on PC or tablet: Your vested benefits account is opened 100% digitally within minutes.

Automatic rebalancing

If you decide to invest your vested benefits, our system will constantly monitor your vested benefits portfolio. Any shifts in asset allocation – triggered by market fluctuations – are thus corrected.

Experts help

If you have any questions or uncertainties, our pension experts will help. Whether by Chat, email or under 0800 80 40 40. We are here for you.

Open now a VIAC vested benefits account.

The vested benefits account can be opened in the VIAC web version on the computer or tablet.

Vested benefits cash or securities account?

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The most important thing first: Upon taking up a new job, you must transfer your vested benefits assets into the new pension fund. A vested benefits account is thus usually the best choice for short-term parking of money.

Unless you have to transfer your pension fund assets back into a pension fund, vested benefits serve the same purpose as pension funds. The investment horizon is therefore very long, making it suitable for investing in securities. This is also because vested benefits can only be withdrawn early in a few exceptional cases regulated by law.

Yet not everyone is equally relaxed about fluctuations in pension assets. VIAC therefore offers a wide range of options: from classic vested benefits cash accounts to strategies with almost 100% equities (only selectable in the extra-mandatory segment). We offer the right strategy for every need. You can also define a different strategy for your mandatory and extra-mandatory segments and thus, for example, choose a lower risk level for the mandatory segment.

We take good care of your money.

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VIAC’s vested benefits account is a product of the vested benefits foundation of WIR Bank.

WIR Bank’s vested benefits foundation offers vested benefits accounts since 2003 and already manages more than CHF 500 million.

Vested Benefits Account

All money that is not invested is held by WIR Bank. Thanks to the bankruptcy privilege up to CHF 100’000, it is well protected and receives preferential treatment if WIR Bank goes bankrupt.

Vested Benefits Depot

Your securities are traded and stored at Credit Suisse. They are regarded as special assets and are protected in the event of the custodian bank becoming insolvent.

Custodian Bank Cash

Custodian Bank securities and investment products


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